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Text marketing is a creative way to stay relevant in today’s crowded market. This innovative service allows your business to connect with your customers on a personal level, leaving a lasting impression. 

From data-driven to creative content, successful text marketing in 2021 takes multiple forms. While some brands use texts for promotions, others are getting more inventive with their content.  These brands have made the most out of their text marketing strategies by adapting their tactics to different services. Here are five clever SMS marketing examples you can emulate for your brand:

1. Simply for Strings Lowered Abandoned Carts by 40%

We’ve all received an abandoned cart message. We start online shopping, get distracted and forget to complete the purchase. Most brands have an automated system put in place to send out emails to customers reminding them or offering a promotional code to complete their purchase. However, these generic messages usually end up in the spam or promotions tab and have no option for the customer to respond. Music business Simply for Strings noticed this problem and took action. 

Simply for Strings used SMS marketing to send out automated abandoned cart texts. However, they added an option for customers to respond and ask questions. This feature ensured questions were answered by real employees who could reply to specific queries rather than giving customers generic solution “options”. This two-way communication model helped Simply for Strings recoup up to 40% more completed orders and potentially cut queues by 50%.

2. Red Cross Text-To-Donate Raised Millions

SMS-Marketing is a great resource for Nonprofit organizations. Instead of paying hundreds of volunteers to go door to door looking for donations, your organization could raise millions with the push of a button. This strategy also allows your business to cast a wider or a more specific net. 

For over a decade, the American Red Cross has raised millions of dollars through text-to-donate campaigns. In the past, people often gave money to noble causes by sending a check or calling a 1-800 number. However, the rise of mobile phones and the spread of social media has birthed a new age of giving – through text messages. When disasters like Hurricane Sandy destroyed communities, the Red Cross was able to reach out to their subscribers immediately through text. It only took subscribers 30 seconds to donate and the fast-paced campaign raised millions. While hundreds of organizations and individuals donated to Hurricane Sandy relief, 20% of the total donations came from mobile donations.  

3. Disney Ride Updates Created Happier Customers

Disney’s latest ride, Galaxy’s Edge opened this summer, and with it came no lines. That’s right, no lines at all! How did they do this? Text Marketing!

SMS Marketing can be used for more than just sales and promotions. Disney wanted to change its queue strategy for its new popular Star Wars ride. Instead of having thousands of guests wait in hours-long lines, Disney set up a text system that allowed groups to sign up for a spot in line on their mobile device and then receive a text when it was their group’s turn to ride. Not only did this strategy lift visitors’ spirits- no one likes lines- but now guests were walking around, enjoying rides, buying food and merchandise, and taking pictures around Disney on social media. This was an incredibly successful model that will likely become the blueprint for Disney and other entertainment parks in the future.

4. Abercrombie Text to Win Contest Increased Sign-ups like Wildfire

If you’re looking to up your business’s subscriber count, nothing gets customers’ attention quite like a contest. 

When clothing company Abercrombie launched their text-marketing campaign they had content, but very few subscribers. To grow their list, Abercrombie launched a tier-based contest. Contests are an amazing opportunity to increase engagement, build your brand and activate your following. 

They used the keyword “Surprise” and invited shoppers to text it in to 98995. In return, customers automatically received either a $5, $10, $25, or $500 coupon! Everyone was a winner but the potential of the $500 prize made it even more tempting to join their list. This plan vastly increased Abercrombie’s subscriber count and incentivized customers to make a purchase. 

5. Lands’ End Reminder Holiday Texts Helped Forgetful Families

Holiday deals and special offers are a hallmark of text marketing. However, outdoor brand Lands’ End decided to upgrade their usual holiday reminder with their Mother’s Day campaign

Lands End encouraged forgetful sons, daughters, and spouses to sign up for their reminder texts. These texts came in the weeks leading up to Mother’s Day and included a countdown to the holiday and Lands’ End product gift guides for ideas for their outdoorsy moms. 

This campaign is the model example of how text marketing can be used as a secondary promotional tool. The main goal of the campaign was to help their forgetful customers remember Mother’s Day, but they ultimately planted ideas and promotions for their customers that drove their business’ sales.

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